So, so tired.

I am feeling very tired. I had to work 6 days last week as well as Rough Edges last night so I have not really had a whole day off in 8 days and I have to go to uni tonight. Life really has a way of coming down on you all at once. I guess after such a lovely six weeks off it was coming to me.

I am feeling a little bit anxious about uni to be honest. I looked up one of the courses and it looks really hard. That’s so not Adult Education. Also in one of the assessments you have to draw on experience from your prac and I have not done one yet as I am only studying part time. If there is no way around it I will be very annoyed as I really don’t want to be a uni any longer.


Last night at Commie Dinner we talked about communion. Either our favourite communion or a communion that we had that week with somebody.

I really like the idea of thinking about my interactions with people as communions. It reminds me that every interaction is sacred and everyone is welcome. If we think about the people that Jesus ate with and had communion with, well let’s just say that his open table certainly challenges our selective friendships.

It also reminds me that God is always present.

What a good month. Praise Jesus.

Goodness it has been awhile. I guess I am going to have to do one of those lists things to catch up on what I have been doing/thinking/feeling. I quite enjoy them really they make me feel like I actually do things with my life which is satisfying not to mention force me to actually remember things and reflect on them even if I don’t write it all. Okay well after that intro I better say somthing.

This month I have:
I have been keeping pretty fit, I did the bay run two times which makes 14km.
I did a mental health first aid course for work and learnt some new things which is always good but made me feel like I still knew so little. I guess sometimes you just have to make a call and stick to it. Sometimes you will be right and other times you will be wrong and most of the time you will be somewhere in between.
Felt happy most of the time.
Celebrated Vinnies Birthday. 125 years in Australia. Happy Birthday Vinnies.
Being really quiet at work and then got really busy. I did three interviews on Monday and today I did my very first introduction of volunteer and friend. It was so nice. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.
Jemma came home from Alice Springs and it was so lovely to catch up with her and where she is at. We had pancakes this morning which is always great and listened to John Coleman and Leo.
The weather got warmer which has been such a relief as our house is so cold. We had a pcinic at Rozelle on Sunday to celebrate.
Started looking for a church so I have been thinking a lot about church and what I want and why. Something I have been meaning to do for ages but just couldn’t seem to get around. Probably a chat with Lesley really inspired me to actually do it. First try was Pitt Street Uniting. People were really friendly and it was very open teaching which is something Martin and I really need. People were a lot older than us though and I didn’t love the music but I think that is something I could compromise on.
Went to Helen’s kitchen tea and had some good chats with some very good people. Even someone I didn’t know. Yay for me. I am not sure when I became so scared of doing that but believe it or not I am.
Looked at almost all of Joel’s photos of Peru and felt nostalgic as always.
Put all our photos from this year in a photo album most of the time and felt daunted.
I read the post evangelical and I got a lot out if it. In fact I think I may become mildly obsessed with it. It was written by someone called Dave Tomlinson. I wonder if all the people whose ideas I obssess over will be called Dave.
We bought five CD’s. India Arie, Michael Franti, the Gorillaz, David Gray and Santana. I think it may be the first time Martin has went into a CD shop and not brough Bob Marley or Bob Dylan. He is obssessed with Bob’s.
I went and saw Peribanez by Compnay B. I really enjoyed it. It was about love and I love, love. Not to mention I saw it with my mum, Gemma and Martin and I think they are the three people I love most in this world.

Come as you are.

Come as you are, that’s how I want you
Come as you are, feel quite at home
Close to my heart loved and forgiven
Come as you are, why stand alone

No need to fear, love sets no limits
No need to fear, love never ends
Don’t run away shamed and disheartened
Rest in my love, trust me again

I came to call sinners, not just the virtuous
I came to bring peace, not to condemn
Each time you fail to live by my promise
Why do you think I’d love you the less

Come as you are that’s how I love you
Come as you are, trust me agin
Nothing can change the love that I bear you
All will be well just come as you are

There is so little space in the world for us to just be who we are. I am so thankful to God that it is not the same with Him.

Talk to me.

It’s 2am, I’m half a world away
But you never leave my mind
It’s getting hard to deal with everyday
And we’re both hanging on the line

Talk to me lady.
These two different lives we lead.
Talk to me lady
Cause all I need is to know you won’t give up on me.

So we may not have a perfect love
But it’s real and it’s alive.
So we may not live in the world we’re dreaming of
But, darling all we need is time.

-Luke Vassella 2005-

I have work to do.

Thank God. It looks my work drought might be over which is good. I like having work to do. I spent most of the day ringing catholic churches asking them if I could come and speak to their parsih. It was a bit scary at first but then I got used it and even though I didn’t get any definites most people were relatively positive. I also got a phone call from one of the friends of our program who I think has become my favourite person. I know I say that about a lot of people but he really is cool.