Blogging enough.

Now there have been some comments thrown around that I don’t blog enough and well I want to sort that out. I did that maths, which I am not very good at, but I think this is right, since june I have blogged an average of 4.5 time a month which is just over once a week. Now I know that, that is not like that much but it is really not that bad either.

Not a bad weekend

Well it has not been a bad weekend at all really.

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the Newtown area looking for houses, eating potato stacks,getting lost and being with many lovely people. I started feeling a bit pessimistic sbout the idea of living with 8 people somewhere in the middle there but Jon came to the rescue with some much needed excitment and optism and so we applied for someething and it looks like we may have it. Yay I am so excited about it I could just burst.

In the evening we went to Carlos and Eva ‘sand hung with them. Martin read stories to the kids most of the night but I think that the adults were just as amused. Martin is going to be such a great father. Everytime I get scared about being a mum I remember that he will be the father of my children and my partner in raising them and it seems much less scary.

Today I slept in which I always love. Then we went to mass. Of course there were a couple of things that pissed me off but I don’t want to dwell on that now rather I will think about what was good. What was good was the Lord’s prayer. At that chursh we always sing it rather than say it and it is the most beautiful meloday and reallyt the chir is very good and it touched today in a new way. This prayer I have been saying for as long as I have been speaking all of a sudden became relevant, it made sense and it was beautiful. There was nothing else I wanted to pray then and since then. I mean it hjas only been a couple of hours since then but that’s a fairly long time really.

In the arvo Martin and I watched a movie called Kingdom of Heaven which was fascinaiting and I cooked food for Monday Club. I am now on a roster where every secpnd week I do something more esciting the sandwiches. It is a bit mroe work but some people seem to appreciate so it is worth it it. Martin has gone to Roughies now with Gem and Mum and Keith are seeing a play so I am home alone and I am cherishing every moment. IThis is a rare tiime and I figure when I move in with eight people it will beome even rarer.

Okay I am afraid that Buffy is calling me so I am going to answer. Even though I am a bit disappoineted in Buffy at the moment. It has gotton kind of depressing really but here is hoping it will get better.


I have taken the day off today to try and get my life organised, well enrol in my classes for University and sort out some bank and super stuff and just some general tidy up my messy life. But now although it is only 11.30 and I am going out of my mind. I have made a whole bunch of phone callls and after the geneal crap of you can do this on the web, they pass me on to some one else and then I leave a message and now and now I have to sit and wait for them to call me back. God it is so frustrating but I guess at least I can use the waiting time to blog or watch Buffy or something. I won’t have to fell guilty about it as it’s like I can’t really be doing anything else more productive with my time as I have to just wait.


I know that it is the 9th of January and they may be a little late to comment on 2005 but I am going to anyway as it is my blog and I can do what I want.

So 2005 was the year that

I got married. I thought I would start with the biggest thing.
I enjoyed giving Christmas gifts for the first time ever as almost all of them were gifts that give twice.
I bought a car.
And a lap top
I watched the Sopranos and I think that it is the best series ever.
Started watching Buffy and now I am confused about that last comment.
I passed all my uni courses.
Martin’s mum came to Australia.
I went to the house of Prayer.
I went to Blackstump.
I went to Central Australia.
Spent more time in Tamworth than any other year and really enjoyed getting to know the place and my family better.
I learnt to cook and it wasn’t that bad.
I turned 23.
I caught up with friends that I hadn’t seen since leaving high school.
I got to know friends better and I think my friends are the best in the world.
I was stressed but it got less as the year went on.
Began looking for other work but didn’t find it.
Enjoyed facilitating Monday Club.
Joined a Catholic Church and it wasn’t too bad.
Blogged more than any other year, not that there was much competition.
I loved Martin even more.

Well I wonder what is in store for 2006 and I guess you will just have to keep reading…………