About six months ago I decided that I was going to read the whole Bible from start to finish. I know that this is not really the most creative way to do it but I really am a chronological order kind of person. It makes sense to me. Anyway I found Genesis really exciting and the first part of Exodus was pretty cool too but I really slowed on Leviticus, Numbers, Deutromy and Joshua and I mean really slowed which probably explains why it has taken me six months to reach Judges. I must admit I have not read that many stories that I have never heard before, a couple but not many, but I have enjoyed seeing how they all fit together, many people are related to each other that I didn’t know were at all.

Anyway so I am up to Judges and I reading along and I am thinking how stupid all the people are. You know the whole thing of everything’s good as the people are with God but then they go and worhip other gods and everything goes bad so then God sends someone to save them and everything is good again but then they start worshipping other gods again and so everything falls apart and God has to send another person to save them and the whole thing goes on and on. And I am still thinking come on this is so riduculous. But then I go out into the world and I start reading all those stupid Woman’s Day magazines that always make me feel bad and I start having little fights with Martin about the same stuff as always and I get all worried about money and I want more of it and then I think Emily you’re so stupid why do you keep the same things over and over that you know are bad for you and I realised that I am no different to the Israelis.

So I have started wearing some rosary beads around my neck as a constant reminder to seek only God.

Blogging from my room.

I am very excited as I am blogging from my room. I have a very lovely new laptop computer that my lovely husband bought for me and then lovely David has hooked it up to wireless internet (I don’t know if one hooks up to wireless but I think you get the drift). Anyway now I can sit here on my bed, while I am supposed to be studying and blog instead. It is really wonderful (I thought I had better not use the adjective lovely again).

This willl probably mean that I blog a lot more. The fact that I am back from Adriana’s will also mean I blog a lot more too.

We liked living at Adriana’s house for a little while. It is a nice house, although I think I would go about decorating a little differently. It is in the middle of the bush so it is quite peaceful and relaxing and we made friends with the possums and the birds that would come and eat with us when we sat on the balcony. The possum even started eating from my hand which was very exciting. We also had lots of lovely (oh no that word again) friends come and eat with us like Des and Steve, and Ryan and Libby, and Jo and Jemma, and Gemma and Matt, and of course my mum and dad and Keith. I have become quite the little entertainer which I really enjoy.

I am getting frustrated by my work at the moment. I mean I find it all quite interesting, I am doing a policy analysis on the policies of “The Sopranos” and I love the Sopranos and I think I have some fairly good ideas about it all but it is so hard to get out all the thoughts that I have in my head out on to the computer in some kind of fashion that makes any sense at all. I guess that’s my life really. How often I think something and it comes out of my mouth or fingers (if I am writing) in such a different way and I just want to shove it all back in there. Maybe like this post that is oh so boring really and quite sort of random and all over the place.