Michael Franti makes me so happy.

“Don’t fear your best friends,
because a best friend will never try to do you wrong.
And don’t fear your worst friends,
because a worst friend is just a best friend
that has done you wrong.
And don’t fear the night time,
because the monster’s know that you’re devine.
And don’t fear the sunshine,
because everything is better in the summer time,
summer time

And it’s never too late to start the day over
It’s never too late to pick up the phone
(pick up the phone and call me)
It’s never too late to lay your head down on my shoulders
It’s never too late to come on home,
come on home

And don’t fear the water
coz u can swim inside you within your skin
And dont fear ur father,
coz a father’s just a boy without a friend
And don’t fear to walk slow,
don’t be a horse race, be marathon
dont fear the long road,
coz on a long road,
u got a long time to sing a simple song

Don’t fear ur teachers,
coz if u listen u can hear music in the school ground
And don’t fear your preacher
if u can’t find heaven in a prison cell
And dont fear your own self,
paying money to justify your worth
And dont fear your family,
because you chose them a long time before youur birth

Go to your children, go to your children, go to your children”


Today I am going away for 2 nights for the national conference for the organisation I work for. I have probably in previous posts mentioned the name of this organisation but have been reading all about people who have lost their jobs because of their blogs so I am being a bit more careful. I am quite looking forward to it. I speak to so many of these people on the phone so it will be good to meet them. Also good to get to know my colleagues better too. They are really good women I think, I am very lucky. Also looking forward to getting some kind of continuity happning. Although we are all under the one logo we all do different things so it will be good to get the best things from each program and come up with a uniform process.

It is happening at Collaroy Beach and was also looking forward to walks on the beach in the evening and swims but given I have torn the ligaments in my foot and am on crutches that may not be happening. What a shame.

This seems like a very strong statement but I am hating study so much right now. I am just so over it and can not seem to get into it at all. It is very sad.


Today I am back to work after spending two days at home pretty much in bed most of the time. I watched three movies and read half a book so that was a pretty good effort. Could have been nice if I didn’t feel so crappy and with the ever present feeling of guilt that I wasn’t at work or doing uni.

I thought I had the flu but this morning I worked out that it was actually hayfever. Itchy eyes, sore throat, very runny nose and incredibly groggy in the head. Not very pleasant I tell you what. When I was growing up my mum always got hayfever. I often thought I am so pleased that it didn’t happen to me but now it seems it does. Anyway now I have worked out what it is I have taken an anithistimene and I am feeling a bit better. Though a little drowsy even though it supposed to be non drowsy.

Swimming Season Starts Swimmingly.

This morning I went for my first swim of the season with Libby. Boy oh boy was it lovely. Even the fact that my goggles kept getting water in them and my swimmers were too big couldn’t ruin it for me. I am very much looking forward to swimming again and getting my fitness back. After Gem and I had the Big Vegetarian Breakfast at the cafe down the road. There is nothing I like more than coming back from a swim and having a hot shower and then having a yummy breakfast in the sun with someone special. Life feels good.

Some Updates

I am getting so much spam comments at the moment. It is really annoying and some a pretty grose too. Anyway just went through and deleted them all and had a bit of a read pf my blog and realised that there are a few post I have made that need updating.

Firstly, the good news. I am going to Alice for my prac, well flying into Alice but will be doing my prac in a remote community somewhere a couple of hours out. Apparently my cooperating teacher is a 60 year old nun which I think is cool. I have booked tickets to for the second week of October. Thankfully I will get to spend the weekends at mum and Keith’s house. Very much looking forward to seeing it and them. I miss them a lot.

Secondly, the bad news. Teresa’s daughter is yet to be reunited with her mother. We were told that she had been found but now nothing has happened. It is a very long and complicated story and I don’t really get any of it at all but it’s pretty dodgy. I am not sure what exactly is going on but Teresa, some of the Ayni volunteers and a lawyer are on to it so I am hoping and praying for some good news soon. It is all so awful.