So today is my last day. Like many others I will be off for the Christmas period, returning to work on 2nd January. Not bad, I get 11 days off while only taking four days annual leave. Yay for me. We are going to Tamworth to spend Christmas with my dad for four days but the rest of it I am just going to hang at home, go to the beach or coffee shops or movies or read or other kind of adventures. Mum and Keith will be around so that is fun too. I am very tired today so looking forward to the break.

Work is very quiet though, haven’t had much to do the last couple of days. I guess it’s not really the time of year when people are thinking about taking up a new long term volunteering opportunity. And all the ones that are in the middle of the process want to put it on hold until next year. I had visions of using this time to redesighn some of the posters and forms and things that I think need a bit of a rejig but I have been waiting for bosses approval on things for over a month now and I am tired of chasing her up about it. So I guess I might head our for another longer lunch.


I’m reading the Psalms at the moment which have me thinking much about gratefullness. I have been praying to God that I could be more grateful and each day I am trying to be more conscious of all the things I have to be grateful for.

I was reminded of this today. Last night I came home from community dinner and in conversation with Tom realised that we had people coming over for the next three nights and then on Saturday night I have Christmas dinner with my Sydney family and then off to Tamworth where I am sure there will be lots of family gatherings and celebrations. Last night all this was seeming a little overwhelming but then today I had a phone call from someone in our program. She was feeling incredibly anxious and depressed and thinking about going into hospital. For her Christmas is difficult time as it is reminder of the friends and family she doesn’t have. She said to me. “I am very sure that we were not made to be alone.” All of a sudden I felt very grateful about all the social gatherings I have had this past week and have coming up and I gave thanks.

Weekend Highlights

Lots of fun was had this weekend. The highlights include:

Martin not working Saturday so we could slepp in together in the morning
Getting all the washing done in the new machine and hanging on the new line
Free vegetarian pie cause it was free pie day at Garlos
Getting the Christmas shopping finished without having to go to Broadway
Wrapping presents with Martin
Having a good swim with not people there
Watching Pans Labarynth
Going to church
Having a picnic at Glebe with Martin, Matt, Ryan and Andrew
Playing Frisbee
Seeing Mic Conways National Junk Band with Andrew and Cathy
Going to give a hamper to a very friendly woman and her gorgeous blind dog.
Relaxing at home on Sunday night


On Sunday the minister of our church announced that he would be resigning. It came as a real shock. I had absolutely no idea, in fact he didn’t either until about two months beforehand and had only had it confirmed on the Friday so I guess there was no way for me to know. Anyway, it was very sad news. He has been an amazing teacher, leader and friend and it is incredibly disappointing to think that he won’t be around next year.

I don’t think I’ll write much more than that. Yesterday I thought that I had come to terms with the idea but today I am feeling all negative again. I guess I just have to keep praying and hoping and trusting.


This is a story for all the tea/teapot lovers, mainly Jemma Castle and my mum who first introduced me to teapots.

Last week I bought a teapot from the St Vincent de Paul. It was $2 which I thought was a bit of bargain but the volunteer didn’t seem to agree with me. She asked, “what do you want that for?” I told her I wanted to to make tea. She appeard somewhat perplexed and said, “well you can have it for a $1”. I only had a $2 coin so I gave her that and said I was happy to pay two.

So I took my new/old teapot and began my journey home. I was still pretty chuffed with my purchase, even if the woman didn’t share my enthusiasm. I had not requested a bag so had to walk all through Chatswood carrying my teapot, for the world to see. And then on the train it sat perched in my lap while I read my book. I admit I may have looked a little bit silly and I was feeling starting to feel somewhat embarassed when people started to look at me and my teapot but I was suprised at how suprised people seemed to be. It was as if they had never seen a teapot before.

I guess in this day and age where everything is so efficient and quick and busy is our mantra teapots must be out. I mean if one wishes to make tea with a teapot they must first boil the water (preferably from cold) and then pour it over the tea leaves. Then cover it with a cosy and wait for a couple of minutes for it to brew. Finally it is ready for pouring. Then if one wishes to truly enjoy their tea they must stop what they are doing, sit down and drink. It is true this takes much more time than having a tea bag but I am grateful for that. I am grateful that everything good is not necessarily efficient. I am grateful for this daily reminder to stop, to take a rest, and enjoy the simple things that God has given us.