Oh the relief.

Sometimes been disorganised really pays off. I thought that I had an assessment due tommorrow so I finished the one that was due today a couple of days ago and I have worked really hard to get the one for tommorrow done and I almost there. Now I just found out that the assessment isn’t due until next week. How good is that. I can go to sleep for a bit today. I have had the flu for almost a week now and I have been unable to shake it, it is driving me crazy. Sleep would be good.


Well I said I wan’t going to do this but it appears that the excitement has finally gotton to me and I have to do something.

Yay Martin will be here in 25 days. (not including today)

And I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 3 months and 7 days.

I think that is all I can think of that I am counting at the moment.

I seek your face.

In the woman who works the street,
In the man with blistered feet
I seek your face.
In the battered wife who bleeds,
In the husband she can’t leave
I seek your face.
Jesus, I seek you, I seek your face.

In the enemy I despise,
In the hatred I can’t hide
I seek your face.
Where addictions have all gone wrong,
In the ones who don’t belong
I seek your face.
Jesus, I seek you, I seek your face.

In the memories of a child,
In the fears that run so wild
I seek your face.
In the longing to be free,
Amid all the frailty
I seek your face
Jesus, I seek you, I seek your face.

This is a song that we sing at St John’s sometimes and I love it and I really need it now.

It has been a really stressful week for me and I am exhausted. I have been confronted by a lot of my personal ‘enemies” for want of a better word, both people and things and I have struggled to be loving, to be trusting, to be forgiving. I have struggled to seek Jesus in these people, these things and the most difficult of all, (not mentioned in the song, but also important), I have failed to seek Jesus in myself.

I hope that I can.

Very frustrated

I just tried to call Martin and his stupid phone isn’t working and I am annoyed. Silly Peruvian phone company, I think it breaks down more than Cityrail. Well maybe not that much. This morning I had to get up at 7.00, yes 7.00 on Sunday morning to drive mum and Keith to the airport because there is no trains on the wekend. Oh well at least getting up means I can have a siesta. I am bringing back the siesta. Well I am bringing it over and I am trying to have one most afternoons.

On that thought I am not so frustrated. Yay


I have re fallen in love with Luenig.

I have always found prayer a really hard thing but I continue to struggle with and at the moment I have re-fallen in love with Luenig book a common prayer. it is so helpful to me.

‘A man kneels before a duck in a sincere attempt to to talk with it. This a clear depiction of irrational behavour and an important aspect of prayer. The act of kneeling symbolises humility. The upright stance has been abandoned because of the human attitudes and qualities it represents: power, stature, control, rationality, worldliness, pride and ego. The kneeling man knows as everbody does that a proud and upright man can not talk to a duck.’


Well I have to say that right now I think that I am the happiest person in the whole world. Yay on Thursday Martina and I found that he has a visa and I went to the travel agent today and booked him a flight for the 15th of September so he will be arriving here on the 17th of September. Oh my god I am so excited that it is finally happening. I can’t stop smiling and I just want to stamp my feet all the time to get rid of it.

When he told me I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. I think that this time apart has been really good for us. It has shown us that we can stay committed to eachother no matter how far away we are and that we still want to be together no matter how hard it is.

It has given us a chance to get to know eachother better as well. During our phone conversations we have talked about so much and that is good.

I was also grateful for all the people that have been so involved in all this with me. For all the people who prayed with us and all the people who listened to me endlessly talk about it and the people who sat with me when I as really unsure if it was all going to happen, It has been nice to realise how good my friends are.

I was finally grateful to God for staying with us the whole time. Waiting with us and making sure that we never lost hope and giving us the strength and courage to keep going with it all.

Second day of uni.

I just finished my second day of full time uni. God I love being a full time student, getting up in the morning is so much easier now that I know that I don’t have to go to the Chatswood Skin Cancer Physicians. The classes also seem quite good. The teacher last night introduced the subject saying “Hi and welcome to Pscycolgical Perspectives on Adult Learning, the best subject in this course, actually the best course ever” I love that, I think when a teacher is passsionate about what they teach when they love it, it transfers on to the students. I remember my modern history teacher said the same thing in year 11 and I thought it was stupid but by the time I finished year 12 I think modern history was my favourite subject. I guess that is the first lesson for me as a teacher be passionate about what you are teaching.

I am passionate about teaching. I really believe in education and the difference that it can make in bringing about social change. the growing gap between rich and poor is also the growing gap between the educated and teh non educated.

God I hope that I can be good educator. I pray for wisdom and patience to be able to do this.